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Places of interest


  We promise you, you will not get bored! In the vicinity of Fontenoy-le-Château you will find all kinds of sights and things to do: museums, 12, 13 and 14 century monuments, an attraction park, marked foot- and cyclepaths through the wonderful french nature, fishing etcetera. If it gets really hot, there is a pool at a 12 kilometres distance from the campsite.

Have a look at these sights near Fontenoy-le-Château :

Walking & cycling

  The region is superbe for walking or cycling. You can follow the canal by a “voie verte”, a path reserved for hikers and bicycles. It is over 80 kilometres long. There is hardly denivellation, witch makes it easy to do. For mountainbikes there are over 10 different trails marked around Fontenoy. Also footpaths have been traced in the woods and around the village. At the reception desk, we will provide you with a map on witch you will find different marked paths.

Vacation tips

Things you should keep in mind

  • Know your surroundings, don’t expect dangers to be the same as at home
  • Be sure that your children have proper identification, have a meeting point.
  • Educate your kids on what to do and whom to contact when they get lost
  • Always bring a first-aid kit, this will prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital or docter.
  • Be aware of the nearest located hospital
  • Always have access to a phone, let it be a cell-phone or a phone booth.
  • Have important numbers at your disposal. This speeds up handling in emergencies.
  • Preprare routes and always bring a map
  • If you’re driving long distances, be sure to have your car properly checked-out
  • Tell your friend(s) about your trip and leave them your number.
  • Tell your neightbour to keep an eye on your house, this will prevent uninvited guests.

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