The campsite

Welcome !

  We are happy to welcome you to visit our campsite in the lower part of the Vosges, truly a part of forgotten France! So pure you have more chance to encounter a deer than a tourist. It’s quiet and calm… as if time has frozen. The surroundings are rich in woods and flowers and the people are friendly and still take their time.

  Our campsite is located at a 2 kilometres distance of the small town of Fontenoy le Château. The site is equipped with a bar and a restaurant where it’s common to run into the locals of Fontenoy. The restaurant offers dishes from France, Holland and Italy. Vegetarian food is also possible! From time to time, we host live music at the campsite.

Fontenoy le Château

  We invite you to a region where you can breath nature: springs and small lakes eveywhere. The region has a long tradition of hospitality. Something you’ll notice right away when you meet the locals. We try to keep up this tradition with our campsite: Service, comfort, and hospitality to make your stay a great experience.

  The region is very beautiful, perfect for hiking and cycling. The campsite holds two stars.

Fontenoy le Château

Accomodation & facilities